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The 257ers is a dynamic rap duo hailing from Germany. Consisting of members Shneezin and Mike, the group has made a significant impact on the German hip-hop scene with their catchy tunes, humorous lyrics, and energetic performances. Known for their unique style that blends rap with comedic elements, the 257ers have garnered a dedicated fan base and achieved commercial success.

Personal Information:

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Members Shneezin <br> Mike
Formation Year [Year]
Origin Germany


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Rappers, Songwriters 257ers


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Parents Information not available
Blood Siblings Information not available

Social Media Accounts:

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Facebook @257ers www.facebook.com/257ers
Twitter @257ers www.twitter.com/257ers
Instagram @257ers_official www.instagram.com/257ers_official
YouTube 257ers www.youtube.com/257ers

Awards and Projects:

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Awards – 1LIVE Krone for “Beste Band” (2015) <br> – Echo Award for “Best National Act” (2017) <br> – More awards and nominations may be available The 257ers have received accolades for their music, including the prestigious 1LIVE Krone for “Beste Band” in 2015 and the Echo Award for “Best National Act” in 2017. These awards reflect their popularity and success within the German music industry.
Projects – “HRNSHN” (2012) – Album <br> – “Boomshakkalakka” (2014) – Album <br> – “Mikrokosmos” (2016) – Album <br> – “Sampler 4” (2019) – Album <br> – “Alpaka” (2021) – Album <br> – More projects may be available The 257ers have released several albums throughout their career, including “HRNSHN,” “Boomshakkalakka,” “Mikrokosmos,” “Sampler 4,” and “Alpaka.” These projects showcase their musical versatility and ability to entertain their audience with their unique style.


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