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2Cellos is a dynamic music duo known for their captivating and innovative performances on the cello. Consisting of cellists Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, 2Cellos has gained international fame for their unique fusion of classical music with contemporary genres like rock and pop. With their energetic stage presence and virtuosic cello playing, they have captivated audiences worldwide. Their videos on YouTube have garnered millions of views and their live performances have drawn sold-out crowds. 2Cellos has redefined the possibilities of the cello, showcasing its versatility and bringing it into the mainstream music scene.

Personal Information:

Name Occupation Parents Blood Siblings
Luka Šulić Cellist Unknown Unknown
Stjepan Hauser Cellist Unknown Unknown

Social Media Accounts:

Platform Handle URL
Instagram @2cellosofficial Link
Twitter @2CELLOS Link
Facebook 2Cellos Link
YouTube 2CELLOSlive Link
Spotify 2CELLOS Link
Website 2cellos.com Link

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Porin Awards Best Classical Album (2013, 2015) 2Cellos won the Porin Awards for Best Classical Album in 2013 and 2015, recognizing their excellence in classical music.
European Border Breakers Award Best European Border Breakers Award (2013) They received the European Border Breakers Award in 2013 for their outstanding success and popularity as a crossover classical duo.
Album 2Cellos (2011) Their debut album “2Cellos” was released in 2011, featuring their unique arrangements of popular songs and classical compositions.
Album In2ition (2013) “In2ition,” released in 2013, featured collaborations with renowned artists like Elton John and Steve Vai.
Album Score (2017) They released “Score” in 2017, showcasing their interpretation of iconic film and TV show themes.
Album Let There Be Cello (2018) Their album “Let There Be Cello” was released in 2018, featuring a blend of classical and contemporary music.


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