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347aidan is a rising rapper and singer-songwriter known for his introspective lyrics and emotionally-charged music. With a unique blend of rap, alternative, and pop influences, 347aidan has captivated audiences with his raw and vulnerable storytelling. Born and raised in Canada, he gained recognition through his independently released tracks, showcasing his talent and authenticity. Drawing from personal experiences, 347aidan’s music resonates with listeners, tackling themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

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Aidan Fuller Rapper N/A N/A

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Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
N/A N/A As a rising artist, 347aidan has yet to receive major awards.
Singles “Dancing in My Room” (2020) Breakthrough single that gained viral popularity, showcasing his emotive and relatable style.
“Demons and Monsters” (2021) A haunting and introspective track that further solidified his unique sound and lyrical depth.
EPs “two sides” (2020) Debut EP featuring a collection of heartfelt tracks exploring themes of love and self-reflection.
“20/20” (2021) EP that showcases 347aidan’s growth as an artist, incorporating elements of alternative and pop music.


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