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36 Crazyfists is an influential music group known for their energetic and aggressive sound. Formed in Anchorage, Alaska, the band has gained a dedicated following with their unique blend of metalcore, post-hardcore, and alternative metal. With their intense performances and emotionally charged lyrics, 36 Crazyfists has left a lasting impact on the rock music scene.

Personal Information:

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Band Members Brock Lindow (Vocals) <br> Steve Holt (Guitar) <br> Mick Whitney (Bass) <br> Kyle Baltus (Drums)
Formation Year 1994
Origin Anchorage, Alaska, United States


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Music Group 36 Crazyfists


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Parents Information not available
Blood Siblings Information not available

Social Media Accounts:

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Facebook @36crazyfists www.facebook.com/36crazyfists
Twitter @36CF www.twitter.com/36CF
Instagram @36crazyfistsofficial www.instagram.com/36crazyfistsofficial
YouTube 36 Crazyfists www.youtube.com/36crazyfists

Awards and Projects:

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Awards Information not available No specific awards available at this time
Projects – “Bitterness the Star” (2002) – Album <br> – “A Snow Capped Romance” (2004) – Album <br> – “Rest Inside the Flames” (2006) – Album <br> – “Collisions and Castaways” (2010) – Album <br> – “Time and Trauma” (2015) – Album <br> – “Lanterns” (2017) – Album 36 Crazyfists has released several successful albums throughout their career. Their notable projects include “Bitterness the Star,” “A Snow Capped Romance,” “Rest Inside the Flames,” “Collisions and Castaways,” “Time and Trauma,” and “Lanterns.” These albums showcase the band’s evolution and their ability to create powerful and emotionally charged music.


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