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3TEETH is an industrial rock band known for their heavy and aggressive sound combined with thought-provoking lyrics and intense live performances. Formed in Los Angeles in 2013, the band consists of members Alexis Mincolla, Chase Brawner, Xavier Swafford, and Andrew Means. With their fusion of industrial, metal, and electronic elements, 3TEETH has gained a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms through their music.

Combining distorted guitars, pulsating synths, and powerful vocals, 3TEETH creates a dark and atmospheric sonic landscape. Their lyrics often tackle themes of power, control, and the human condition, inviting listeners to question the status quo. With their energetic stage presence and visually striking aesthetics, 3TEETH has cultivated a dedicated fan base and gained recognition in the alternative music scene.

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Members – Alexis Mincolla <br> – Chase Brawner <br> – Xavier Swafford <br> – Andrew Means
Formation Year 2013
Nationality American


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Parents Information not available
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Twitter @threeteeth www.twitter.com/threeteeth
Facebook 3teeth www.facebook.com/3teeth
Instagram @3teeth www.instagram.com/3teeth

Awards and Projects:

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Awards 2015: Revolver Music Awards – Best New Talent 3TEETH was recognized for their talent early in their career, winning the Best New Talent award at the 2015 Revolver Music Awards.
Projects – “3TEETH” (2014) – Debut Album <br> – “Shutdown.EXE” (2017) – Second Studio Album <br> – “METAWAR” (2019) – Third Studio Album <br> – “Lost Artifact” (2021) – EP 3TEETH has released several studio albums and EPs. Their debut album, self-titled “3TEETH,” was released in 2014 and established their industrial rock sound. They followed up with “Shutdown.EXE” in 2017 and “METAWAR” in 2019, further solidifying their presence in the alternative music scene. In 2021, they released the EP “Lost Artifact,” showcasing their evolving sound and experimentation.


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