88YAMI (Trayvond Joseph) Biography

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88YAMI, also known as Trayvond Joseph, is a talented rapper who has made waves in the music industry with his unique style and captivating lyrics. From a young age, Trayvond had a passion for music and storytelling, using his experiences and emotions to create powerful and relatable songs.

Born and raised in [birthplace], Trayvond’s childhood was filled with music. Influenced by various genres, he developed a love for hip-hop and began writing his own rhymes. With his distinct flow and honest lyricism, he quickly gained attention from both fans and industry professionals.

Personal Information:

Information Details
Full Name Trayvond Joseph
Birthdate [Date of Birth]
Nationality [Nationality]
Parents [Parent’s Names]
Siblings [Sibling’s Names]


Occupation Details
Rapper Known for his unique style and captivating lyrics.
Songwriter Writes his own songs, expressing personal experiences and emotions.

Social Media Accounts:

Platform Username
Instagram @88yami
Twitter @88yami
SoundCloud 88YAMI
YouTube 88YAMI
Spotify [Spotify URL]

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Mixtapes “Dreams to Reality” Released mixtapes that showcase his
lyrical abilities and storytelling.
Music Videos “Never Settle” Produced visually stunning music videos
that complement his songs.
Collaborations “Nightmares” ft. [Artist Name] Collaborated with fellow artists to create
dynamic and impactful tracks.


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