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98 Degrees is an iconic American music group that rose to fame in the late 1990s as one of the most successful boy bands of their time. Comprised of Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre, and Jeff Timmons, 98 Degrees captivated audiences with their harmonious vocals, catchy pop tunes, and captivating performances. Their music showcased a perfect blend of contemporary pop and R&B, earning them a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades throughout their career.

Personal Information:

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Group Name 98 Degrees
Members Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons
Formation Year [Formation Year]
Origin United States


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Music Group 98 Degrees is primarily known for their work as a music group, specializing in pop and R&B genres. They have released several albums, singles, and have embarked on successful concert tours.


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Parents Information not available
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Instagram @98official [Instagram URL]
Twitter @98official [Twitter URL]
Facebook 98 Degrees [Facebook URL]
YouTube 98 Degrees [YouTube URL]

Awards and Projects:

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Awards – [Award Name 1] (Year) <br> – [Award Name 2] (Year) 98 Degrees has been recognized with various awards for their musical achievements, including accolades for their chart-topping hits, vocal abilities, and contributions to the pop music industry.
Projects – [Project Name 1] (Year) <br> – [Project Name 2] (Year) Throughout their career, 98 Degrees has released multiple successful albums and singles, collaborated with notable artists, and embarked on successful concert tours. Their projects have showcased their musical talent and creativity, solidifying their status as a beloved music group.


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