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Weebl is a prominent internet personality and animator, widely recognized for their unique and entertaining creations that have captured the hearts of online audiences. With their distinctive style and comedic sensibilities, Weebl has become a beloved figure in the world of internet animation, leaving a lasting impact on the online community.

Personal Information:

Name: Weebl (Real name: Jonti Picking)

Date of Birth: [Insert Date of Birth]

Place of Birth: [Insert Place of Birth]

Nationality: [Insert Nationality]

Height: [Insert Height]

Weight: [Insert Weight]

Eye Color: [Insert Eye Color]

Hair Color: [Insert Hair Color]


  1. Animator
  2. Internet Personality


Weebl’s animations have garnered immense popularity due to their distinctive style, catchy music, and humorous content. Their creative range spans from quirky characters and absurd situations to satirical commentaries on pop culture. Weebl’s contributions to the field of internet animation have inspired a wave of aspiring animators and entertainers.


Father: [Insert Father’s Name]

Mother: [Insert Mother’s Name]

Blood Siblings:

  1. [Insert Sibling 1 Name]
  2. [Insert Sibling 2 Name]
  3. [Insert Sibling 3 Name]

Social Media Accounts:

Website | [Insert Name] | [Insert URL]

YouTube | Weebl’s Stuff | [Insert URL]

Twitter | @TheWeebl | [Insert URL]

Facebook | [Insert Name] | [Insert URL]

Instagram | @weebls_stuff | [Insert URL]

Awards and Projects:

Awards | [Insert Award Name] | [Insert Summary of Award]

Projects | [Insert Project Name] | [Insert Brief Project Description]



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