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Weijia Jiang is an accomplished journalist known for her exceptional reporting skills and charismatic presence on screen. Born on June 6, 1983, in Xiamen, China, Weijia developed a passion for storytelling from a young age. She moved to the United States with her parents during her childhood and eventually pursued a career in journalism.

Weijia began her professional journey as a reporter for WJZ-TV in Baltimore, where she quickly made a name for herself with her insightful coverage of local news. Her dedication and talent caught the attention of CBS News, leading to her role as a White House correspondent. Weijia’s ability to ask tough questions and deliver unbiased reporting has earned her widespread recognition and respect in the field.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: June 6, 1983

Place of Birth: Xiamen, China


  • Journalist
  • White House Correspondent


  • Father: Information not available
  • Mother: Information not available

Blood Siblings:

  • Information not available

Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @weijia

Instagram: @weijia_jiang

LinkedIn: Weijia Jiang

Awards and Projects:

Awards | Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism | Recognized for her outstanding investigative reporting.

Projects | Coverage of major political events and interviews with world leaders | Weijia has extensively covered significant political events and conducted interviews with prominent world leaders, providing valuable insights to her audience.

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