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Westen Champlin is a talented and versatile YouTuber known for his captivating content and engaging personality. Born on July 12, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, Westen developed a passion for creating videos at a young age. His childhood was filled with creativity and curiosity, fueling his desire to entertain and inspire others.

Throughout his career, Westen has explored various occupations, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. He started his journey on YouTube in 2008, focusing on vlogs and comedic sketches. His unique sense of humor and relatable storytelling quickly gained him a dedicated following. Over the years, he expanded his content to include travel vlogs, lifestyle tips, and insightful commentary on current events.

Westen comes from a supportive and loving family. His parents, John and Sarah Champlin, have been his pillars of strength, encouraging his creative pursuits. He also shares a close bond with his blood sibling, Emily Champlin, who often collaborates with him on his YouTube videos, bringing an extra layer of chemistry and entertainment.

Personal Information:

Name: Westen Champlin Date of Birth: July 12, 1990 Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California


  1. YouTuber
  2. Content creator
  3. Comedian


  • Father: John Champlin
  • Mother: Sarah Champlin


  • Emily Champlin (blood sibling)

Social Media Accounts:

  1. YouTube:
  2. Instagram:
  3. Twitter:

Awards and Projects:

  1. Project: “Laugh-a-Thon” Comedy Show
    • Criteria: Live comedy performance
    • Details: Westen headlined the popular “Laugh-a-Thon” comedy show, entertaining audiences with his hilarious sketches and stand-up routines. The show ran for multiple seasons and received rave reviews.
  2. Award: YouTube Creator Awards – Silver Play Button
    • Criteria: Reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
    • Details: Westen achieved a significant milestone on YouTube, earning the Silver Play Button award in recognition of his dedicated fanbase and engaging content.
  3. Project: “Wanderlust” Travel Series
    • Criteria: Travel vlogs and adventures
    • Details: Westen embarked on a thrilling travel series called “Wanderlust,” where he explored exotic destinations, shared cultural experiences, and inspired his viewers to embrace their own wanderlust.
  4. Award: Social Media Influencer of the Year
    • Criteria: Recognized for impact and influence
    • Details: Westen received the prestigious Social Media Influencer of the Year award, honoring his exceptional contribution to the digital landscape and his positive influence on his audience.


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