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Wiebke Haas is a renowned photographer celebrated for her captivating and visually stunning images. From a young age, Wiebke exhibited a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Her extraordinary talent and dedication have propelled her to become one of the most influential photographers of her generation.

With a focus on capturing the essence and beauty of animals, Wiebke’s photography transcends traditional boundaries. Her ability to create emotive and powerful images has garnered widespread recognition and admiration. Through her lens, she showcases the raw and untamed beauty of the animal kingdom, inviting viewers into a world filled with wonder and awe.

Personal Information:

Name: Wiebke Haas Occupation: Photographer Details: Wiebke Haas is a passionate photographer who has dedicated her life to capturing the extraordinary beauty of animals through her lens. While specific personal information, including parents and siblings, may not be available, her work speaks volumes about her talent and passion for photography.

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Awards and Projects:

  1. Award: Wildlife Photographer of the Year
    • Criteria: Recognized for exceptional wildlife photography
    • Details: Wiebke Haas received the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, solidifying her position as a masterful wildlife photographer. Her captivating images captured the attention of judges and the public alike, showcasing her ability to convey emotion and tell powerful stories through her work.
  2. Project: “Wild Wonders” Photography Book
    • Criteria: Compilation of Wiebke Haas’ most iconic wildlife photographs
    • Details: “Wild Wonders” is a coffee table book featuring a collection of Wiebke’s breathtaking wildlife photographs. The book showcases her artistic vision and reveals the diversity and magnificence of animals from around the world.
  3. Award: International Photography Awards – Nature Category
    • Criteria: Honored for excellence in nature photography
    • Details: Wiebke Haas was awarded the International Photography Award in the Nature category for her exceptional talent in capturing the beauty and essence of the natural world. Her work stood out among numerous submissions, demonstrating her mastery in showcasing the wonders of nature.
  4. Project: National Geographic Feature
    • Criteria: Showcasing Wiebke Haas’ photography in a renowned publication
    • Details: Wiebke’s extraordinary talent caught the attention of National Geographic, resulting in a featured spread highlighting her exceptional wildlife photography. The publication recognized her ability to capture unique and awe-inspiring moments in the animal kingdom.


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