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Will Taylor is a renowned blogger and interior designer known for their impeccable taste and expertise in creating vibrant and stylish spaces. From a young age, Will exhibited a natural flair for design and an eye for aesthetics, which they have honed and transformed into a successful career. With a distinctive approach to color and pattern, Will has carved a niche for themselves in the design industry, inspiring and influencing countless individuals around the world.

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| 1. Blogger | | 2. Interior Designer |


Blogger: Will’s blog serves as a platform to share their love for design, decor, and travel. Through engaging content, Will provides inspiration, tips, and insights to a dedicated following of design enthusiasts.

Interior Designer: As an interior designer, Will has transformed numerous spaces into personalized, stylish havens. Their signature use of vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and unexpected combinations has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim.



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| 1. Instagram | Official Instagram account | @WillTaylor | | 2. Twitter | Official Twitter account | @WillTaylor | | 3. Facebook | Official Facebook page | @WillTaylor |

Awards and Projects:

Criteria: Details Short Summary
Award Best Design Blog Will’s blog was honored with the prestigious Best Design Blog award, recognizing their exceptional content and influence in the design community.
Project Book Release – “Design, Decor, and Delight” Will’s book, “Design, Decor, and Delight,” offers a comprehensive guide to creating beautiful and inspiring spaces, showcasing their expertise as a designer.
Project Collaboration – “Will Taylor x Home Decor Brand” Will collaborated with a renowned home decor brand, bringing their unique design aesthetic to a collection of home furnishings and accessories.
Award Influencer of the Year Will was named Influencer of the Year, acknowledging their significant impact and influence in the design and blogging industry.



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