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WILSN, born Shannon Busch, is a remarkable singer and songwriter who has captured the hearts of listeners with her soulful and powerful voice. From her early beginnings in the music industry to her current success, WILSN has proven herself as a talented artist with a unique sound and a captivating stage presence.

With her rich and emotive vocals, WILSN has the ability to convey raw emotions and connect with her audience on a profound level. Her music resonates with listeners, blending elements of soul, R&B, and pop, resulting in a distinctive and memorable style. WILSN’s talent and passion for music shine through in every performance, leaving a lasting impression on her fans.

Personal Information:

Full Name: Shannon Busch (known professionally as WILSN)

Date of Birth: [Date of Birth]

Place of Birth: [Place of Birth]

Nationality: [Nationality]

Height: [Height]

Weight: [Weight]

Eye Color: [Eye Color]

Hair Color: [Hair Color]


  1. Singer
  2. Songwriter


  • Father: [Father’s Name]
  • Mother: [Mother’s Name]


  • [Sibling 1 Name]
  • [Sibling 2 Name]
  • [Sibling 3 Name]

Social Media Accounts:

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Instagram @wilsnmusic [Instagram URL]
Twitter @WILSNmusic [Twitter URL]
Facebook WILSN [Facebook URL]
YouTube WILSN [YouTube URL]

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Awards Best New Artist (Year) Recognized for her breakthrough as a new artist
Song of the Year (Year) Honored for a standout song in her discography
Projects Album: [Album Name] Released a critically acclaimed studio album
Collaboration: [Collaboration Name] Worked with a renowned artist on a successful project
International Tour: [Tour Name] Headlined a global tour, showcasing her talent



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