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Winky D, born Wallace Chirumiko on February 1, 1983, is a highly acclaimed Zimbabwean musical artist known for his distinctive reggae-dancehall style and captivating stage presence. From a young age, Winky D displayed a passion for music and began honing his skills as a songwriter and performer. Throughout his career, he has become a prominent figure in the Zimbabwean music industry, earning a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades.

Winky D’s musical journey started with his early releases in the early 2000s, which showcased his unique fusion of reggae, dancehall, and Zimbabwean sounds. His lyrics often carry social and political messages, resonating with audiences and earning him critical acclaim. He is admired for his energetic performances and dynamic musical arrangements.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: February 1, 1983


  • Musical Artist
  • Songwriter


  • Father: Information not available
  • Mother: Information not available

Blood Siblings:

  • Information not available

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook | Official Facebook page of Winky D | Twitter | Official Twitter account of Winky D | Instagram | Official Instagram account of Winky D |

Awards and Projects:

Awards | Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) | Multiple award wins for his exceptional contributions to Zimbabwean music.

Projects | Collaborations with International Artists | Winky D has collaborated with renowned international artists, expanding his reach and showcasing the global appeal of his music.


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