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WTF1 is a prominent YouTube channel and online platform dedicated to Formula 1 content. With its witty and engaging approach, WTF1 has become a popular destination for Formula 1 enthusiasts and fans around the world. The channel offers a unique blend of news, analysis, humor, and fan interaction, providing an entertaining and informative experience for its audience.

The brainchild of founder and host Matt Gallagher, WTF1 was created to share a love for Formula 1 in a relatable and engaging manner. Matt’s passion for the sport and his comedic sensibilities have made WTF1 a go-to source for Formula 1 coverage. The channel’s videos range from race recaps and driver interviews to entertaining challenges and fan discussions, catering to both die-hard fans and newcomers to the sport.

Personal Information:

Date of Establishment: 2010


  • YouTube Channel
  • Online Platform


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YouTube | WTF1’s official YouTube channel | Twitter | Official Twitter account of WTF1 | Instagram | Official Instagram account of WTF1 |

Awards and Projects:

Awards | Shorty Awards Nominee | Recognized for their outstanding contribution to the digital media space.

Projects | F1 Fan Voice Community | Launched the F1 Fan Voice platform, providing fans with the opportunity to share their opinions and engage with the Formula 1 community.



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