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Dr. Xand van Tulleken is a renowned doctor, television presenter, and author known for his expertise in the field of medicine and health. From an early age, Xand displayed a passion for science and a drive to help others, which led him to pursue a career in medicine. With his extensive knowledge and charismatic personality, he has become a trusted figure in the medical world and a familiar face on television.

As a doctor, Xand has dedicated himself to improving people’s health and well-being. He has worked in various medical settings, including hospitals and clinics, and has gained hands-on experience in treating patients and tackling complex medical cases. Through his compassionate approach and ability to explain medical concepts in a relatable manner, he has become a beloved figure among patients and viewers alike.

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Full Name: Xand van Tulleken Date of Birth: [Date of Birth] Place of Birth: [Place of Birth] Nationality: [Nationality]


  1. Doctor
  2. Television Presenter
  3. Author


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Instagram @xandvt [Instagram URL]
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Awards and Projects:

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[Award 1 Name] Xand van Tulleken has been recognized for his contributions to medicine and public health
[Award 2 Name] He has received accolades for his educational efforts in the field
[Project 1 Name] Xand has hosted and presented various medical and health-related TV shows
[Project 2 Name] He has authored books on health and wellness, providing valuable insights



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