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XO, MaCenna is a popular YouTuber known for her expertise in interior design, DIY projects, and sustainable living. With her infectious energy, creative ideas, and passion for transforming spaces, she has amassed a large following and established herself as a prominent figure in the online home decor community.

From a young age, MaCenna developed a love for design and a knack for repurposing items to create beautiful and functional spaces. She began sharing her projects and tips on YouTube, and her content quickly resonated with viewers who were inspired by her budget-friendly approach and commitment to sustainability.

MaCenna’s videos often feature room makeovers, thrift store hauls, and step-by-step tutorials on various DIY projects. Her ability to transform ordinary spaces into stylish havens has garnered praise from both fans and fellow influencers. She combines her keen eye for design with her advocacy for eco-friendly practices, encouraging her audience to repurpose, recycle, and make sustainable choices when decorating their homes.

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Full Name XO, MaCenna
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YouTuber Interior Design, DIY

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