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XXXTENTACION was a dynamic and influential rapper who made a significant impact on the music industry during his tragically short-lived career. Known for his emotionally raw lyrics and versatile musical style, XXXTENTACION captured the attention of millions of listeners worldwide. His unique blend of genres, including rap, rock, and emo, showcased his artistic depth and resonated deeply with his dedicated fanbase.

Personal Information:

| Full Name | Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy |

| Stage Name | XXXTENTACION |

| Date of Birth | January 23, 1998 |

| Date of Death | June 18, 2018 |

| Place of Birth | Plantation, Florida, USA |

Nationality | American |


| Rapper | | | Singer | | | Songwriter | |


XXXTENTACION, born Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, grew up in Plantation, Florida. His parents, [Parent’s Name], played a significant role in his life, but he faced numerous challenges and hardships during his childhood. He had [number] half-siblings, including [Sibling 1’s Name] and [Sibling 2’s Name].

Social Media Accounts:

| Instagram | [Link to XXXTENTACION’s Instagram account] | | Twitter | [Link to XXXTENTACION’s Twitter account] | | SoundCloud | [Link to XXXTENTACION’s SoundCloud page] |


| Instagram Followers | [Number of followers] |

| Twitter Followers | [Number of followers] |

| SoundCloud Plays | [Number of plays] |


XXXTENTACION gained a massive following on social media platforms. His Instagram account amassed [number] followers, and his Twitter account garnered [number] followers. Additionally, his SoundCloud page received millions of plays, showcasing his widespread appeal as an artist.

Awards and Projects:

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