Y2K Biography

Summary Profile Description:

Y2K, born Ari Starace, is a gifted DJ and music producer known for his innovative approach to blending different genres. With his infectious remixes and original tracks, he has made a significant impact in the music industry, garnering a strong following and collaborating with renowned artists.

Personal Information:

Criteria Details
Real Name Ari Starace
Birth Date Information not available
Birth Place Unknown
Parents Information not available
Siblings Information not available


Criteria Details
DJ Creating and performing DJ sets
Music Producer Producing original music tracks
Remixer Remixing popular songs
SoundCloud Artist Sharing music on SoundCloud

Social Media Accounts:

Criteria Details Link URL
Instagram @y2k2y https://www.instagram.com/y2k2y/
Twitter @y2k2y https://twitter.com/y2k2y
Facebook Y2K https://www.facebook.com/y2k2y/
SoundCloud Y2K https://soundcloud.com/y2k2y
YouTube Y2K https://www.youtube.com/c/y2k

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Summary
Awards None Y2K has not received any awards at this point in his career
Projects “Lalala” (feat. bbno$) Breakout hit single that gained international success
“Dinosaurs” (feat. Miley Cyrus) Collaborative track with Miley Cyrus, showcasing his versatility
and ability to work with renowned artists



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