Yadier Molina Biography

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Yadier Molina is a highly respected baseball player from Puerto Rico, renowned for his exceptional skills as a catcher. His outstanding defensive abilities, combined with his leadership qualities, have made him a vital asset to his team. With numerous accolades and a strong work ethic, Molina has become a beloved figure in the world of baseball.

Personal Information:

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Full Name Yadier Benjamin Molina
Birth Date July 13, 1982
Birth Place Bayamón, Puerto Rico


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Baseball Player St. Louis Cardinals (2004-present)

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Instagram @yadier_marciano_molina https://www.instagram.com/yadier_marciano_molina/
Twitter @Yadimolina04 https://twitter.com/Yadimolina04

Awards and Projects:

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Awards 9-time Gold Glove Award winner, 2-time World Series champion, 9-time All-Star Yadier Molina has achieved numerous accolades throughout his career, including 9 Gold Glove Awards, 2 World Series championships, and 9 All-Star selections.



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