Yaeji Biography

Summary Profile Description:

Yaeji is a talented DJ and musician known for her unique blend of electronic music and introspective lyrics. With her captivating sound and mesmerizing performances, she has gained international recognition and a dedicated fan base. Born and raised in New York City, Yaeji’s multicultural background has influenced her music, infusing it with elements of Korean and American culture. Her ability to seamlessly merge different genres and languages has made her a trailblazer in the music industry.

Personal Information:

Full Name | Kathy Yaeji Lee Stage Name | Yaeji Birth Date | August 6, 1993 Birth Place | Queens, New York City, USA Nationality | Korean-American


Occupation 1 | DJ Occupation 2 | Musician Occupation 3 | Producer

Family Information:

Parents | [Parent’s Name] Siblings | [Number of Siblings] Blood Siblings | [List of Blood Siblings]

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram | @kraejiyaeji | https://www.instagram.com/kraejiyaeji/ Twitter | @kraeji | https://twitter.com/kraeji Facebook | Yaeji | https://www.facebook.com/yaejiofficial/ SoundCloud | Yaeji | https://soundcloud.com/kraejiyaeji

Awards and Projects:

Awards | – Korean Music Awards 2019 | Yaeji won the Best Dance/Electronic Song category at the Korean Music Awards in 2019 for her track “Raingurl.” The award recognized her unique sound and innovative approach to electronic music. Projects | – EP “EP2” | “EP2” is Yaeji’s second extended play, released in 2017. The EP features her signature style, blending house beats, dreamy melodies, and bilingual lyrics. It received critical acclaim and helped establish her as a rising star in the electronic music scene. | – Mixmag DJ of the Year 2018 | Yaeji was named DJ of the Year by Mixmag in 2018, an influential electronic music magazine. The award recognized her skillful DJ sets and her contribution to the dance music community.



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