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Yair Rodriguez is a highly skilled mixed martial artist known for his dynamic fighting style and impressive athleticism. With a background in various martial arts disciplines, he has established himself as a formidable force in the world of MMA. Known for his flashy strikes and unorthodox techniques, Yair Rodriguez has captured the attention of fight fans worldwide.

From a young age, Yair Rodriguez displayed a natural talent and passion for combat sports. He began training in Taekwondo and transitioned to other disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. His dedication and hard work paid off as he made his professional MMA debut in 2011 and quickly gained recognition for his explosive performances inside the octagon.

Personal Information:

Personal Information
Name Yair Rodriguez
Date of Birth May 6, 1992
Place of Birth Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico
Nationality Mexican


Occupation Details
MMA Fighter Competing in professional mixed martial arts

Social Media Accounts:

Social Media Account Criteria Details Link URL
Instagram @panteraufc Personal and training photos and updates https://www.instagram.com/panteraufc/
Twitter @panteraufc Interactions with fans, fight announcements, and updates https://twitter.com/panteraufc
Facebook @yairpanteraufc Updates on fights, training, and personal life https://www.facebook.com/yairpanteraufc/

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Awards UFC Fight of the Night (3 times) Yair Rodriguez has been involved in several exciting and memorable fights in the UFC, earning him the prestigious UFC Fight of the Night award on three occasions. His entertaining fighting style and ability to deliver thrilling performances have been recognized and celebrated by fans and critics alike.
Projects – Upcoming fights and events As an active MMA fighter, Yair Rodriguez continues to take on new challenges and compete in high-profile bouts. He regularly participates in UFC events, showcasing his skills and determination inside the octagon. His upcoming fights and projects are eagerly anticipated by the MMA community.




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