Yasmeen Halbouni Biography

Summary Profile Description:

Yasmeen Halbouni is a talented artist known for her thought-provoking installations and creative expressions. Born and raised in Damascus, Syria, Halbouni’s artistic journey began at a young age, fueled by her curiosity and passion for exploring social and political themes through various art forms. She has emerged as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, captivating audiences with her unique perspective and powerful messages.

Halbouni’s artworks often tackle issues related to identity, displacement, and the human experience. Drawing inspiration from her own personal background and the socio-political climate, she creates immersive installations that provoke dialogue and challenge preconceived notions. Her work reflects a deep sense of empathy and a desire to shed light on the experiences of marginalized communities.

Personal Information: | Full Name | Yasmeen Halbouni | | Date of Birth | Not available | | Place of Birth | Damascus, Syria | | Nationality | Syrian | | Height | Not available |

Occupation: | Occupation | Artist |

Family Details: | Parents | Not available | | Siblings | Blood siblings’ information not available |

Social Media Accounts: | Instagram | @yasmeen_halbouni | https://www.instagram.com/yasmeen_halbouni/ | | Website | Official Website | https://www.yasmeenhalbouni.com/ |

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Art Installations Notable exhibitions and installations Showcased thought-provoking installations in prestigious venues
International Recognition Participated in renowned art events Recognized and featured in international art exhibitions
Public Engagement Engaged with communities and audiences Facilitated conversations and dialogue through her art
Grants and Residencies Received support for her work Awarded grants and participated in artist residencies



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