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Yasmin Levy is a talented singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with her mesmerizing voice and soulful compositions. With a unique blend of traditional Ladino music and modern influences, Yasmin has carved a niche for herself in the world of world music. Her heartfelt performances and poignant lyrics have garnered her international recognition and a devoted fan base.

From a young age, Yasmin was immersed in the rich musical heritage of her Sephardic Jewish background. Influenced by her father, the renowned Ladino musician Yitzhak Levy, she began honing her vocal skills and delving into the traditional Ladino repertoire. As she grew older, Yasmin started infusing her music with elements of flamenco, jazz, and other genres, creating a captivating fusion that resonates with listeners worldwide.

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Full Name: Yasmin Levy Occupation: Singer-Songwriter Parents: Yitzhak Levy (Father) Siblings: Information not available

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Facebook: Yasmin Levy Official Instagram: @yasminlevyofficial Twitter: @YasminLevy YouTube: Yasmin Levy Official Website: [Official Website URL]

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