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Years & Years is a British synth-pop band known for their infectious music and captivating performances. With their unique sound and charismatic frontman, Olly Alexander, the group has garnered widespread acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Personal Information:

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Band Members Olly Alexander
Mikey Goldsworthy
Emre Türkmen
Formation 2010
Origin London, England
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown


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Band Creating and performing synth-pop music
Songwriting Writing and composing songs

Social Media Accounts:

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Instagram @yearsandyears
Twitter @yearsandyears
Facebook Years & Years

Awards and Projects:

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Awards 2015 BBC Sound of… (Winner) Recognized as one of the most promising new acts in the music industry.
2015 MTV Video Music Awards (Best Visual Effects) Won for their music video “King,” which showcased their artistic vision.
Projects “Communion” (2015) Their debut studio album that received critical acclaim and produced hit singles.
“Palo Santo” (2018) A concept album exploring themes of identity and sexuality, further establishing their unique style.
“Night Call” (2021) A collaboration with synth-pop icons Pet Shop Boys, demonstrating their enduring influence.



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