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Yellowbirds is a dynamic and innovative musical group known for their distinct sound and captivating performances. With their blend of folk, rock, and psychedelic influences, Yellowbirds has carved a unique niche in the music industry. From their formation to their latest projects, the band has consistently pushed boundaries and garnered critical acclaim for their creativity and artistic vision.

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Genre Folk, Rock, Psychedelic
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Yellowbirds comprises a talented group of musicians who bring their individual expertise and creativity to the band. Their collective vision and chemistry contribute to their unique musical style.

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Projects Album: “The Color” “The Color” is Yellowbirds’ critically acclaimed debut album, showcasing their unique blend of folk, rock, and psychedelic music.
Album: “Songs from the Vanished Frontier” “Songs from the Vanished Frontier” is another notable album by Yellowbirds, featuring their signature sound and experimental approach.
Collaborations with renowned artists Yellowbirds has collaborated with various notable artists, contributing their distinctive style to joint musical projects.
International Tours and Performances The band has embarked on successful tours and performed at prestigious venues and festivals around the world, captivating audiences with their energetic live shows.



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