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Yll Limani is a talented singer-songwriter who has captivated audiences with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. From his early beginnings in music to his current success, Yll’s passion for creating meaningful music shines through in every song he delivers.

Since his childhood, Yll showed a deep love for music and a natural talent for singing. With the support of his family, he pursued his dreams and honed his skills as a musician. Yll’s dedication and hard work paid off as he rose to prominence in the music industry.

Personal Information, Occupations, and Family Details of Yll Limani are presented in a column format below:

Personal Information Occupations Details
Date of Birth Singer-Songwriter (Birthdate)
Place of Birth (Birthplace)
Parents (Parent’s Names)
Siblings (Sibling’s Names)

Yll Limani actively connects with his fans through various social media accounts. Here is a list of his social media presence:

Social Media Account Criteria Details Link URL
Instagram @ylllimani Behind-the-scenes and updates (Instagram URL)
Twitter @ylllimani Interactions and announcements (Twitter URL)
Facebook @ylllimaniofficial News and fan engagement (Facebook URL)
YouTube YllLimani Music videos and performances (YouTube URL)

Yll Limani’s talent and dedication have been recognized through various awards and projects. Here is a detailed list of his awards and projects:

Awards and Projects Criteria Details Short Summary
Best Male Artist Music Awards Awarded for his outstanding contributions to music Recognized as one of the top male artists in the industry for his musical prowess
Album Release Music Project (Album Title) Released a highly anticipated album, showcasing his songwriting skills and talent
Concert Tour Live Performances (Concert Tour Name) Embarked on a successful tour, performing his popular songs to enthusiastic crowds



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