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yMusic is a contemporary classical music ensemble renowned for their innovative and genre-defying approach to music. The group, consisting of six talented musicians, pushes the boundaries of traditional classical music by incorporating elements of pop, rock, and experimental sounds into their compositions. With their unique blend of instruments and collaborative spirit, yMusic has gained recognition for their captivating performances and groundbreaking musical style.

Formed in 2008, yMusic has since established themselves as pioneers in the contemporary classical music scene. Their ability to seamlessly fuse classical and contemporary influences has garnered them a dedicated following and critical acclaim. With each member bringing their own expertise and musical background to the ensemble, yMusic consistently delivers fresh and dynamic musical experiences.

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Members Rob Moose
Nadia Sirota
Gabriel Cabezas
C.J. Camerieri
Alex Sopp
Hideaki Aomori
Occupations Contemporary Classical Ensemble
Origin United States
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Facebook yMusic [Facebook URL]
Instagram @ymusicnyc [Instagram URL]
Twitter @yMusicNYC [Twitter URL]
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Awards and Projects:

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Grammy Awards Nomination for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance yMusic has been recognized with a Grammy Award nomination for their exceptional performances in the chamber music/small ensemble category. Their innovative approach to classical music has earned them critical acclaim and industry recognition.
Collaborations Notable collaborations with renowned artists yMusic has collaborated with a wide range of acclaimed artists across various genres, including Paul Simon, Ben Folds, and The Staves. These collaborations showcase their versatility and ability to collaborate with diverse musical talents.
Commissions and Premieres Premiering and performing new works yMusic is dedicated to the creation and performance of new works, collaborating with composers to premiere and perform their compositions. Their commitment to expanding the classical music repertoire has led to numerous exciting collaborations and premieres.



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