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Yoko Ono, born on February 18, 1933, is a highly influential figure in the world of music and peace activism. With her avant-garde artistic style and unwavering commitment to promoting peace and love, Yoko has made a profound impact on both the music industry and society as a whole.

Yoko’s journey as a songwriter and artist began in her early years, drawing inspiration from her parents’ artistic background. She gained recognition for her experimental music and performance art, often pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic norms. Her unique vision and artistic expression challenged conventions and sparked meaningful conversations.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Yoko Ono has been an outspoken advocate for peace and human rights. Her partnership with John Lennon, her late husband and legendary musician, further amplified her message of peace and love. Together, they used their platform to advocate for social change and inspire millions around the world.

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Personal Information
Full Name Yoko Ono
Birthdate February 18, 1933
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Peace Activist
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available


Social Media Account Criteria Details Link URL
Instagram Handle [@yokoonoofficial] [https://www.instagram.com/yokoonoofficial]
Twitter Handle [@yokoono] [https://twitter.com/yokoono]
Facebook Page [Yoko Ono] [https://www.facebook.com/yokoono]
YouTube Channel [Yoko Ono] [https://www.youtube.com/yokoono]


Criteria Details Short Summary
Grammy Awards Best Album Notes for “Double Fantasy” (1982) Yoko Ono received a Grammy Award for her outstanding album notes on “Double Fantasy,” a collaborative album with John Lennon.
Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award Venice Biennale (2009) In recognition of her contributions to contemporary art, Yoko Ono was honored with the prestigious Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Biennale.
Song: “Imagine” Release Year: 1971 Yoko Ono co-wrote the iconic song “Imagine” with John Lennon, which has become an anthem for peace and has had a lasting impact worldwide.
Art Installation: “The Museum of Modern (F)art” Year: 1971-1972 Yoko Ono’s thought-provoking art installation



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