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Yolanda Be Cool is an Australian music duo known for their infectious beats and energetic performances. Comprised of Sylvester Martinez and Johnson Peterson, the duo has achieved international success with their unique blend of house, dance, and electronic music. With their catchy tunes and vibrant personalities, Yolanda Be Cool has become a prominent name in the music industry.

From their early days of experimenting with music to their rise to stardom, Yolanda Be Cool has captivated audiences around the world. Their signature hit, “We No Speak Americano,” became a global sensation, topping charts and earning them widespread recognition. The duo’s ability to blend diverse musical elements and create infectious rhythms has made them a favorite among music enthusiasts.

Personal Information:

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Members Sylvester Martinez
Johnson Peterson
Occupations Music Duo
Nationality Australian
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Facebook Yolanda Be Cool [Facebook URL]
Instagram @yolandabecool [Instagram URL]
Twitter @yolandabecool [Twitter URL]
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Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
ARIA Music Awards Best Dance Release Yolanda Be Cool has been honored with an ARIA Music Award for Best Dance Release. Their music has resonated with fans and critics, earning them recognition and accolades within the industry.
International Success Chart-topping hits Yolanda Be Cool’s chart-topping hits and international success have solidified their position as prominent figures in the music scene. Their ability to connect with diverse audiences and create infectious tunes has contributed to their ongoing success.
Collaborations Notable collaborations with renowned artists Yolanda Be Cool has collaborated with various renowned artists, showcasing their versatility and ability to work with a wide range of musical talents. These collaborations have further expanded their reach and cemented their status as influential musicians.



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