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Yotto is a talented DJ and songwriter who has made a significant impact on the electronic music scene. With his unique sound and emotive productions, he has gained a loyal fanbase and earned critical acclaim. Yotto’s musical journey has been marked by his ability to craft immersive and melodic tracks that resonate with listeners on a deep level.

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Full Name Yotto
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Occupation: DJ, Songwriter

Yotto has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry, excelling in both DJing and songwriting. Known for his dynamic DJ sets and emotionally charged productions, he has garnered a strong following and performed at renowned music festivals and venues worldwide.

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Awards and Projects:

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Music Releases Album/EP Titles Yotto has released several well-received albums and EPs, showcasing his diverse musical style and exceptional songwriting abilities. His tracks have garnered millions of streams and have been supported by leading DJs in the industry.
Remixes Remixes for Prominent Artists Yotto has delivered remarkable remixes for renowned artists, putting his unique spin on their tracks and earning praise for his creative interpretations. His remixes have gained popularity among fans and have been played at major festivals and clubs.
DJ Performances Music Festivals, Club Residencies Yotto has graced the stages of prominent music festivals and held prestigious club residencies, entertaining audiences with his expertly curated DJ sets. His ability to create captivating musical journeys has earned him a reputation as a top-tier DJ.
Collaborations Notable Artists Yotto has collaborated with esteemed artists, combining their talents to produce captivating and genre-defying music. These collaborations have garnered attention and showcased his versatility as a songwriter and producer.



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