Young Scooter Biography

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Young Scooter is a talented rapper known for his captivating storytelling and raw lyrical content. His experiences growing up in Atlanta have influenced his music, resulting in a unique and authentic street style.

Personal Information:

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Full Name Kenneth Edward Bailey
Occupation Rapper

Social Media Accounts:

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Twitter @youngscooter
Instagram @1youngscooter

Awards and Projects:

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Projects – “Street Lottery” Mixtape (2013) Young Scooter gained significant recognition with his mixtape “Street Lottery,”
which showcased his raw talent and earned him a loyal fanbase.
– “Jug Season” Mixtape (2014) His mixtape “Jug Season” further solidified his status as a prominent rapper,
featuring collaborations with notable artists in the rap industry.
– “Trippple Cross” Album (2018) Young Scooter’s album “Trippple Cross” showcased his growth as an artist,
with introspective lyrics and a diverse range of musical styles.



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