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Yun-Fat Chow is a legendary actor known for his captivating performances and versatility in the Chinese film industry. With his charismatic screen presence and exceptional talent, he has become a highly respected figure in the world of cinema, winning numerous awards for his contributions to the craft.

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Full Name Yun-Fat Chow
Birthdate May 18, 1955
Birthplace Lamma Island, Hong Kong


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Actor Film and television actor

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Awards and Projects:

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Awards – Hong Kong Film Awards (Best Actor) Yun-Fat Chow has received multiple awards, including the prestigious Hong Kong Film
Awards for his outstanding performances, recognizing his talent and contributions.
– Asian Film Awards (Best Actor) His roles in various films have earned him accolades, with the Asian Film Awards
honoring his exceptional acting skills.
Projects – “A Better Tomorrow” (Film) Yun-Fat Chow gained international recognition for his role in this iconic action film,
which became a significant milestone in his career and solidified his status as an
action film legend.
– “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (Film) This critically acclaimed martial arts film showcased Chow’s versatility as an actor
and earned him global praise for his performance.
– “The Killer” (Film) Considered one of Chow’s most iconic roles, “The Killer” demonstrated his ability to
portray complex characters with depth and emotion.



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