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Zach King, a renowned YouTube star and content creator, has captivated millions of viewers with his awe-inspiring videos and creative editing skills. With his unique blend of magic, humor, and storytelling, he has become a sensation on social media platforms, leaving his audience in awe of his visual tricks and illusions.

From a young age, Zach had a passion for filmmaking and storytelling. He honed his skills in video editing and special effects, which eventually led him to create his own YouTube channel. His imaginative and mind-boggling videos quickly gained popularity, and he became one of the most recognizable online personalities.

Zach’s videos often feature him performing magic tricks that seamlessly blend into everyday situations, making them both entertaining and relatable. His creativity and attention to detail have earned him a dedicated fanbase and numerous awards and recognitions.

Personal Information:

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Full Name Zachary Michael King
Birth Date February 4, 1990
Birth Place Portland, Oregon, United States
Nationality American
Parents – Not available
Siblings – Not available


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YouTube Star Known for his creative videos, magic tricks, and visual illusions on YouTube
Content Creator Produces engaging and entertaining content for various social media platforms

Social Media Accounts:

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YouTube Zach King
Instagram @zachking
Twitter @zachking
Facebook Zach King
TikTok @zachking

Awards and Projects:

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Awards: – Streamy Awards (2013-2018) Zach King has won multiple Streamy Awards in various categories, including Best Vine Creativity, Best Editing, and Best Brand Campaign. These awards recognize his exceptional talent and creativity in content creation.
– Shorty Awards (2016-2020) Zach King has been honored with several Shorty Awards, which celebrate the best of social media and online content. He has received awards in categories such as Best in Entertainment, Best Vine Artist, and Best YouTube Comedian.
– Webby Awards (2016-2021) Zach King’s innovative and visually stunning videos have been recognized by the Webby Awards, earning him multiple wins in categories such as Best Web Personality/Host and Best Editing.
  1. Projects: Zach King has collaborated with numerous brands and organizations for sponsored content, showcasing his unique storytelling abilities and visual effects techniques. Some notable collaborations include partnerships with Coca-Cola, Disney, and Walmart.


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