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Zack Fox is a multi-talented artist known for his comedic brilliance, music, and social media presence. With a unique blend of humor and creativity, Zack has garnered a dedicated following and has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. From his hilarious online videos to his thought-provoking music, Zack captivates audiences with his unfiltered and unconventional approach.

Born and raised in the United States, Zack’s passion for comedy and music developed from a young age. He honed his comedic skills through various online platforms, creating viral content that resonated with audiences. His ability to tackle sensitive topics with wit and satire has earned him a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

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Full Name Zack Fox
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Comedian Known for his comedic talent and online presence
Musician Creates music that combines humor and social commentary

Social Media Accounts:

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Twitter @zackfox
Instagram @zackfox
YouTube Zack Fox

Awards and Projects:

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Projects: – “Jesus Is the One (I Got Depression)” (2019) Zack gained significant attention with his satirical song “Jesus Is the One (I Got Depression),” which went viral and showcased his unique musical style.
– “Square Up” (2021) Zack released his debut EP “Square Up,” featuring tracks like “Peaches” and “Sailor Moon,” demonstrating his versatility as an artist.
– Comedy Sketches Zack has created numerous comedy sketches, often addressing social issues with humor and satire. These sketches have resonated with audiences and further established his comedic prowess.



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