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Zeynep Bastık is a talented singer who has gained recognition for her captivating voice and soulful performances. From her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, Zeynep has showcased her musical prowess and become a beloved figure in the Turkish music industry. With her unique style and emotive vocals, she has won the hearts of millions of fans.

Zeynep was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, and her passion for music was evident from a young age. She began her musical journey by participating in singing competitions and talent shows, where she caught the attention of industry professionals. In 2013, she gained widespread acclaim after her captivating performance on the popular talent show “O Ses Türkiye” (The Voice of Turkey).

Personal Information:

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Full Name Zeynep Bastık
Date of Birth June 1, 1990
Place of Birth Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish




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Instagram Followers: [Number], Engagement: [Level] @zeynepbastik [Instagram URL]
Twitter Followers: [Number], Engagement: [Level] @zeynepbastik [Twitter URL]
Facebook Followers: [Number], Engagement: [Level] @zeynepbastikofficial [Facebook URL]

Awards and Projects:

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Kral TV Video Music Awards Best New Artist (2014) Zeynep Bastık received the Kral TV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 2014, recognizing her talent and promising career in the music industry.
Golden Butterfly Awards Best Female Performer (2019) In 2019, Zeynep Bastık was honored with the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Female Performer, acknowledging her exceptional performances and contributions to Turkish music.
Müzik Boğaz’dan Geçer Awards Best Female Vocalist (2020) Her powerful and mesmerizing vocals earned her the Müzik Boğaz’dan Geçer Award for Best Female Vocalist in 2020.
İstanbul FM Golden Awards Best Female Pop Singer (2021) Zeynep Bastık was recognized as the Best Female Pop Singer at the İstanbul FM Golden Awards in 2021, highlighting her success and popularity in the pop music genre.


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