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Zero 7 is a renowned British musical duo known for their captivating blend of electronic, downtempo, and trip-hop music. Consisting of members Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, Zero 7 has left an indelible mark on the music industry with their unique soundscapes and collaborations with talented vocalists.

From their humble beginnings in London, Zero 7 emerged in the late 1990s and quickly gained recognition for their atmospheric compositions and soulful melodies. Their debut album, “Simple Things” released in 2001, became a critical and commercial success, showcasing their ability to create mesmerizing soundscapes.

Over the years, Zero 7 has collaborated with a range of esteemed artists, including Sia, José González, and Tina Dico, among others. Their collaborations have resulted in memorable tracks like “Destiny,” “In the Waiting Line,” and “Home,” which have resonated with audiences worldwide.

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Criteria | Details | Full Name: | Zero 7 | Formation Date: | Late 1990s | Origin: | London, United Kingdom | Members: | Henry Binns, Sam Hardaker | Parents: | (Details unavailable) | Siblings: | (Details unavailable) |


Criteria | Details | Musical Duo | Active in the music industry | Genre: | Electronic, Downtempo, Trip-hop |

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Criteria | Details | Link URL Twitter: | @zero7official | Instagram: | @zero7hq | Facebook: | @zero7 | YouTube: | Zero 7 Official |

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  • Mercury Prize Nomination (2001) | Prestigious music award | Recognition for their debut album “Simple Things”


  • “Simple Things” (2001) | Album | Critically acclaimed debut album that launched Zero 7’s career
  • Collaboration with Sia on “Distractions” (2006) | Single | Notable collaboration with renowned vocalist Sia
  • “The Garden” (2006) | Album | Second studio album featuring collaborations with various artists
  • “Yeah Ghost” (2009) | Album | Third studio album exploring new sonic territories
  • “Record” (2010) | Album | Fourth studio album showcasing their evolving musical style
  • “EP3” (2021) | EP | Latest release featuring a collection of captivating tracks



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