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Zico, also known as Woo Ji-ho, is a talented and influential record producer in the music industry. With his exceptional musical skills and innovative approach, he has made a significant impact on the Korean music scene. From a young age, Zico displayed a deep passion for music and a natural talent for songwriting and producing.

Throughout his career, Zico has worked with numerous renowned artists and has produced hit songs that have topped the charts. His unique style combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, creating a distinct sound that resonates with listeners. Zico’s ability to blend different genres and experiment with new sounds has earned him widespread recognition and acclaim.

Personal Information:

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Full Name Woo Ji-ho (Zico)
Date of Birth September 14, 1992
Nationality South Korean
Parents [Parent 1’s Name] and [Parent 2’s Name]
Siblings [Sibling 1’s Name], [Sibling 2’s Name], [Sibling 3’s Name]


Record Producer


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Childhood Zico’s love for music and early influences
Education [Education details, if available]
Career Highlights Notable collaborations, albums produced, and significant achievements

Social Media Accounts:

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Instagram Followers: [Number] @woozico0914 [Instagram URL]
Twitter Followers: [Number] @ZICO92 [Twitter URL]
YouTube Subscribers: [Number] Zico Official [YouTube URL]

Awards and Projects:

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Awards 1. [Award Name]: [Year], [Category] Zico’s recognition for his musical talent
2. [Award Name]: [Year], [Category] and contributions to the industry.
Projects 1. Album: [Album Name] Zico’s notable album releases.
2. Collaboration: [Artist Name] – [Song] Successful collaborations with artists.


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