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Zoë Apple is a renowned makeup artist known for her exceptional skills and creative artistry in the beauty industry. With a passion for makeup since her early years, she has honed her talent and established herself as a go-to makeup artist for celebrities, influencers, and high-profile events. Her innovative techniques and attention to detail have made her a highly sought-after professional in the industry.

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Full Name Zoë Apple
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Makeup Artist


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Instagram Followers: [Number] @zoeapple_ [Instagram URL]
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Makeup Awards [Award Name] – [Year] Won the [Award Name] for her exceptional artistry
[Award Name] – [Year] Recognized for her innovative makeup techniques
Celebrity Clients [Celebrity Name] Provided makeup services to [Celebrity Name] for [Event/Project]
[Celebrity Name] Collaborated with [Celebrity Name] for [Project/Photoshoot]
Fashion Week [Fashion Week Name] – [Year] Led makeup team for [Fashion Week Name]
[Fashion Week Name] – [Year] Showcased her unique makeup looks at [Fashion Week Name]


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