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Zombie Juice, also known as Antonio Lewis, is a talented rapper known for his unique style and charismatic stage presence. From a young age, Zombie Juice developed a passion for music and honed his skills as a lyricist and performer. With his distinctive voice and infectious energy, he has garnered a dedicated fan base and made a significant impact in the hip-hop industry. Zombie Juice’s authentic storytelling and versatile flow have solidified his place as a respected artist and contributed to his success.

Personal Information:

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Full Name Antonio Lewis
Stage Name Zombie Juice
Occupation Rapper
Date of Birth [Date of Birth]
Nationality [Nationality]
Parents [Parent’s Names]
Siblings [Sibling’s Names]

Social Media Accounts:

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Instagram @zombiejuicee [Instagram Profile URL]
Twitter @zombiejuicee [Twitter Profile URL]
SoundCloud Zombie Juice [SoundCloud Profile URL]

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Mixtape Release [Year], [Mixtape Title] Zombie Juice gained recognition with the release of his highly acclaimed mixtape, [Mixtape Title]. The project showcased his unique style and lyrical prowess, solidifying his presence in the rap scene.
Collaborations [Year], [Collaborating Artist/Band] Zombie Juice collaborated with renowned artists such as [Collaborating Artist/Band] on hit songs like [Song Title]. These collaborations showcased his versatility and contributed to his growing popularity.
Concert Tour [Year], [Concert Tour Title] Zombie Juice embarked on a successful concert tour, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and energetic stage presence. The tour showcased his ability to connect with fans and solidified his status as a dynamic live performer.
Music Videos [Year], [Music Video Title] Zombie Juice released visually captivating music videos for songs like [Music Video Title], further enhancing the impact of his music and expanding his fan base.


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