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Zubin Damania, widely known as ZDoggMD, is an internet personality and healthcare advocate. From his early years, Zubin exhibited a passion for medicine and a desire to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry. As a former practicing physician turned entertainer, Zubin utilizes his unique blend of humor, music, and storytelling to educate and entertain his audience. With a focus on healthcare reform, patient empowerment, and promoting a culture of wellness, Zubin has become a prominent figure in the online world.

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Full Name Zubin Damania
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Awards and Projects:

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Webby Award Best Web Personality/Host Zubin Damania received the prestigious Webby Award for his work as a web personality and host. The award recognizes his innovative approach to online education and entertainment in the healthcare field.
TEDx Talk “Healthcare 3.0: Reimagining Medicine” Zubin delivered an inspiring TEDx Talk titled “Healthcare 3.0: Reimagining Medicine,” where he discussed the need for a paradigm shift in the healthcare system. The talk has garnered millions of views and sparked conversations about healthcare reform.
Album Release “Straight Outta Med School” Zubin released an album titled “Straight Outta Med School,” featuring healthcare-themed parodies of popular songs. The album gained significant attention and showcased his musical talent and creative approach to healthcare advocacy.
Podcast Series “The ZDoggMD Show” Zubin hosts a popular podcast series called “The ZDoggMD Show,” where he interviews healthcare professionals, thought leaders, and explores various healthcare topics. The podcast has gained a loyal following and serves as a platform for engaging discussions.


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