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Zuzka Light, born Zuzana Majorova on April 29, 1982, is a popular fitness influencer and YouTube personality who has inspired millions with her dedication to health and wellness. Hailing from the Czech Republic, Zuzka developed a passion for fitness from a young age, which eventually propelled her into becoming a renowned figure in the industry.

Zuzka’s journey to success began when she launched her YouTube channel in 2009, initially known as “BodyRock.tv.” With her unique approach to home workouts and her emphasis on bodyweight exercises, Zuzka quickly gained a devoted following. Her charismatic personality and motivating presence helped her cultivate a supportive community of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Known for her high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines, Zuzka’s workouts have become a staple for individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals. She has developed and shared countless workout programs, helping her followers embrace an active lifestyle and achieve transformative results.

Beyond her online presence, Zuzka has extended her impact through various collaborations and partnerships. She has worked with prominent fitness brands, authored books, and contributed to numerous health and fitness publications. Her expertise and commitment to empowering others have solidified her position as a leading voice in the fitness industry.

Zuzka’s personal journey and dedication to health have resonated with many, as she has openly shared her own experiences and challenges. Her authenticity and relatability have endeared her to her audience, fostering a strong sense of connection and trust.

Personal Information:

Criteria Details
Name Zuzka Light
Birth Name Zuzana Majorova
Date of Birth April 29, 1982
Birthplace Czech Republic


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Fitness Influencer
YouTube Personality


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Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available

Social Media Accounts:

Criteria Details Link URL
YouTube Zuzka Light www.youtube.com/user/ZuzkaLight
Instagram @zuzkalight www.instagram.com/zuzkalight
Twitter @zuzkalight www.twitter.com/zuzkalight
Facebook Zuzka Light www.facebook.com/ZuzkaLight

Awards and Projects:

Criteria Details Short Summary
Fitness Programs ZWOW Workout Series (2010-2015) A series of challenging and effective workout routines.
Book 15 Minutes to Fit: The Simple 30-Day Guide A comprehensive guide to achieving fitness goals in minimal time.
Collaboration Nike Training Club App Partnership Collaborated with Nike on fitness content for their training app.


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